• Spiced ‘chorizo’ pastry slices

    Spiced ‘chorizo’ pastry slices

    Enjoy these veggie sausage slices for lunch or in a picnic. Wrapped in puff pastry, they’re packed with roasted peppers and spices

  • Pulled pork sloppy joe dogs

    Pulled pork sloppy joe dogs

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Combine three street-food favourites into one awesome hot dog. You could use shop-bought pulled pork, or go the whole hog and make it yourself

  • Charred squash & spiced lamb

    Charred squash & spiced lamb

    Forget typical burgers – use your barbecue to create this extra-special charred squash and spiced lamb dish. Add feta, pistachios and pomegranate to serve

  • BBQ rainbow beef salad

    BBQ rainbow beef salad

    The steak in this light salad is cooked on the barbecue, giving it a true taste of summer. It works brilliantly with our Asian-inspired dressing

  • Harissa turkey burgers

    Harissa turkey burgers

    Discover the lighter way to make burgers for the barbecue with this harissa turkey version, which uses lean turkey breast, beetroot and mixed grains

  • Jerk sea bass & pineapple salsa

    Jerk sea bass & pineapple salsa

    Fire up the barbecue and choose the healthier option for supper with this sea bass cooked in a jerk marinade. A pineapple salsa complements the fish perfectly

  • Fiery prawn & pepper skewers

    Fiery prawn & pepper skewers

    Fire up the barbecue and make these easy, tasty spicy prawn skewers with sweet piquanté peppers. They're delicious when served with our saffron aïoli

  • Barbecued banoffee splits

    Barbecued banoffee splits

    Treat the family to banoffee splits next time you have a barbecue or go camping. They're super easy to make, and great fun too. Serve with vanilla ice cream