• Vegan chocolate banana ice cream

    Vegan chocolate banana ice cream

    A low-fat chocolate ice cream? It really does exist! Our blitzed banana creation is gluten and dairy-free and ready in minutes

  • Turkey Bánh mì

    Turkey Bánh mì

    Use up leftovers from a Sunday roast such as turkey and red cabbage in this vibrant Vietnamese sandwich

  • Frozen banana yogurt

    Frozen banana yogurt

    This no-churn frozen dessert is a great alternative to ice cream. Serve topped with crunchy banana chips

  • Hot Elvis toastie

    Hot Elvis toastie

    Pay homage to The King with this indulgent peanut butter and banana toasted sandwich. Serve with ice cream for brunch or dessert

  • Grown-up banoffee pie

    Grown-up banoffee pie

    Lace this classic banana and toffee pie with a little dark rum. Top with whipped cream and chocolate

    More effort
  • Maryland chicken

    Maryland chicken

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    This Southern-spiced roast chicken dish is served with buttery mashed sweet potatoes with a secret ingredient – banana