• Gluten-free brownies

    Gluten-free brownies

    These rich, fudgy chocolate brownies are gluten free. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert, or leave to cool before storing in an airtight container for an afternoon treat

  • Shortbread biscuits

    Shortbread biscuits

    Whip up these moreish shortbread biscuits using just three ingredients. They're wonderfully crumbly and go perfectly with a cup of tea for a mid-morning treat

  • Cheddar & hazelnut shortbread

    Cheddar & hazelnut shortbread

    Hazelnuts and cheese are perfect together – rustle up these savoury shortbread biscuits with just five ingredients. They make a great mid-afternoon snack

  • Easy carrot cake

    Easy carrot cake

    Top this classic carrot cake with moreish cream cheese icing and chopped walnuts or pecans. Serve as a sweet treat with a cup of tea any time of the day

  • Mint & mango iced green tea

    Mint & mango iced green tea

    Blend the flavour of green tea with mango, fresh mint, lime and ice to make this iced tea. It makes a wonderfully refreshing summer drink at any time of day

  • Fresh mint tea

    Fresh mint tea

    Grab a handful of fresh mint leaves and pour over boiling water to release its wonderful flavour and scent. Sweeten the tea with honey according to taste

  • Green tea with strawberry & peach

    Green tea with strawberry & peach

    Add a twist to delicate green tea with the sweet, fresh flavours of peach and strawberry. Garnish with extra fruit to impress your guests at afternoon tea

  • Fruit scones

    Fruit scones

    Make these easy fruit scones in just 15 minutes. They're perfect for an elegant afternoon tea or a sweet weekend treat. Serve with jam and clotted cream

  • Tea & biscuits cheesecake bars

    Tea & biscuits cheesecake bars

    What's better than dunking biscuits into tea? These ingenious tea and biscuits cheesecake bars capture that flavour sensation perfectly

    More effort
  • ‘Cheesy’ vegan scones

    ‘Cheesy’ vegan scones

    Try these dairy-free vegan scones that use nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour, pepped up by mustard and smoked paprika. Serve with vegan onion chutney