• Creamy fish & leek pie

    Creamy fish & leek pie

    Give the humble fish pie a flavour-boosting makeover with Tommy Banks' version, made with king prawns, salmon and haddock and topped with a comforting, cheesy mash

  • Strawberry jelly summer pudding

    Strawberry jelly summer pudding

    Use frozen strawberries to create a jammy, juicy summer pudding and brioche in place of bread to make this dessert even more indulgent

  • Luxury fishcakes with tartare velouté

    Luxury fishcakes with tartare velouté

    Give the humble fishcake a makeover by using crabmeat and panko breadcrumbs for extra crunch. The tartare sauce is velvety smooth and full of flavour

    More effort
  • One-pan roast butter chicken

    One-pan roast butter chicken

    Try this twist on roast chicken. It's up to you whether you serve it as a curry with rice and naan bread or as a roast with your favourite Sunday lunch trimmings

  • Baked ratatouille & goat’s cheese

    Baked ratatouille & goat’s cheese

    Transform ratatouille into a bake with a layer of cheese sauce and you won't look back. It makes a great late summer dish and delivers three of your 5-a-day

  • Quick braised lettuce, peas & bacon

    Quick braised lettuce, peas & bacon

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Serve this quick braised lettuce with peas and bacon alongside our chicken Kievs for a flavour-packed side dish using simple, everyday ingredients

  • Ultimate chicken Kievs

    Ultimate chicken Kievs

    Create wonderfully juicy chicken Kievs by brining the breasts to get tender meat that's perfectly seasoned. It takes more effort but it's well worth it

    More effort
  • Lemon & verbena tart with raspberries

    Lemon & verbena tart with raspberries

    Impress your guests with an easy, delicious baked lemon tart. The magical sherbet flavour of lemon verbena leaves will take this classic dessert to new heights

  • Chocolate & malt loaf torte

    Chocolate & malt loaf torte

    Don’t be deceived by how easy this is to make – the result is a rich, dense cake with a malted coating. Eat it warm as a pudding or serve it with afternoon tea