• Umami gravy

    Umami gravy

    This gravy packs a real punch, and goes perfectly with roast beef for Sunday lunch. Make a big batch and freeze leftovers ready for the next roast

  • Sautéed wild mushrooms

    Sautéed wild mushrooms

    Serve these buttery mushrooms as a side with a rib of beef for an extra special Sunday roast, or stir through pasta or a risotto

  • Bone marrow stuffing

    Bone marrow stuffing

    You’ll have to scoop the marrow out of the bone to make this fabulous, rich and meaty stuffing – the bone makes a great treat for the dog!

    More effort
  • Porcini-rubbed rib of beef

    Porcini-rubbed rib of beef

    This rib of beef is a real showstopper and packed with umami flavour, but it's so easy to make too. Rub in the porcini powder and salt 24 hours before cooking and let it do the hard work for you

    More effort