Radish confetti with salsa verde

An easy starter of raw vegetables, cut with a mandolin for a delicate finish. Serve with an Italian green sauce of herbs, capers and anchovies
PREP 30 mins


  • calories 108
  • carbs 2
  • saturated fat 2
  • sugar 2
  • protein 1
  • fat 10
  • fibre 1
  • salt 0.5


2 bunches radishes (about 400g, with a few leaves if you have them)
2 anchovies in oil, drained
large handful parsley
small handful mint leaves
1 tbsp caper
3 tbsp good-quality olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp red wine vinegar


  1. Put all the salsa verde ingredients in a mini chopper (or use a hand blender) and blitz to a beautiful bright green sauce, adding a drizzle more olive oil.
  2. Top and tail the radishes, reserving a few of the youngest, perkiest leaves, and pop them into iced water. Carefully slice the radishes into wafer-thin slices on a mandolin, using a guard, or with a knife – mind your fingers!
  3. Pile the radish slices roughly into a circle in the centre of 4 chilled plates. Drain the leaves and scatter around the outside of the radishes. Splodge little drops of the salsa over the radishes and drizzle the leaves with a little olive oil. Season everything with sea salt and serve.