Milanese veal cutlets

Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

To perfect this Italian classic, dip the chops twice in egg and breadcrumbs to make them extra crisp – and if you can't get veal, use chicken or lean pork

PREP 10 mins
COOK 15 mins


  • calories 425
  • carbs 27
  • saturated fat 4
  • sugar 0
  • protein 37
  • fat 20
  • fibre 0
  • salt 0.7


6 veal cutlets (about 200g each), bones still attached
4 eggs
10 basil leaves, finely chopped
2 tbsp finely grated parmesan
200g dried breadcrumbs
olive oil, for shallow-frying
lemon wedges, fried courgettes and spring salad, to serve (optional)


  1. Use a tenderiser or rolling pin to flatten the chops, leaving the bone attached, then trim away the fat.
  2. Beat the eggs, then mix in the basil, parmesan and some seasoning. Transfer the mixture to a plate or shallow bowl, then spread the breadcrumbs out on another plate. Dip each of the chops in the egg mixture, then immediately roll them in the breadcrumbs to thoroughly coat them. Repeat this process to give the chops a double layer of egg and breadcrumbs.
  3. Heat enough oil to cover the base of a large frying pan. Working in batches, fry the chops over a gentle heat for 3-4 mins each side, until the breadcrumbs turn a deep gold (you may need to add more oil to the pan as you go). Serve with a lemon wedge, some fried courgettes and a spring salad, if you like.