Apple, pear & cherry compote

Great as an easy dessert for Sunday lunch, then use for breakfasts and midweek puds

PREP 30 mins
COOK 20 mins


  • calories 199
  • carbs 51
  • saturated fat 0
  • sugar 47
  • protein 1
  • fat 1
  • fibre 4
  • salt 0.03


8 eating apples, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
4 medium Bramley apples, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
8 firm pears, peeled, cored and thickly sliced
6 tbsp sugar, or to taste
280g dried sour cherries (or dried cranberries)


  1. Put the apples and pears in a pan with the sugar and 50ml water. Bring to a simmer, then gently cook, covered, for 15 mins or so until the Bramley apple has collapsed to a purée and the eating apple and pear are tender (stir to make sure it doesn’t catch on the bottom).
  2. Stir in the cherries or cranberries for 1 min, taste and add a little more sugar if necessary. Can be chilled for 3-5 days. Serve with vanilla ice cream, if you like. See 'Goes well with' for ideas for using up the compote.